Third Party Manufacturing Company in India

Third Party Manufacturing Company in India: As third-party manufacturers in India, we help distributors and companies in having an advance in providing very high-quality third-party manufacturing. We consider quality to be a precious segment which is why most of our products are manufactured by faithful vendor under special manufacturing units. With their top-standard supervision, we bring out perfection in every product. We are also proud to announce our associations with trustworthy and reliable partners because of whom we are flourishing beautifully in this industry.

Products at flexible rates, we set new milestones for success and a healthy life will no longer be difficult. Innovative ideas have raised our proficiency in battling various life-threatening issues decisively. Revolutionary solutions, and timely operations with the help of best distribution channels have always ensured speedy actions to beat the challenging phases of life so that the products reach the end-user in time. We have unique and innovative packaging, and, packing material conceptions to satisfy all requirements. Clinical trials and lab testing has been the consistently effective process for product quality assurance.

We are entirely involved in R&D, production, supply and trading of solid and liquid form of pharmaceutical formulations like tablets, capsules, powders, injections, and, oral solutions which require degrees of high-shear granulation, bi-layers, fluid-bed processing, and, film coating. Connect with us if you intend to search for manufacturers indulged in integrated manufacturing. We also manufacture products based on customizations.

Strenuous Growth of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Many pharma companies contract with specialty manufacturers or research firms to carry out parts of the medicine production or development process. The pharmaceutical industry is driven largely by profits and competition, as each company strives to find cures for specific diseases, therefore, it is anticipated that the industry will continue to grow and evolve with time. The pharmaceutical industry has experienced a robust growth over the past few years.

Quality Pharmaceutical product list:

Bluepen Laboratories has always been dedicated itself to bringing better quality of medicines as we deal with catering to different markets and segments of the pharmaceutical industry. We are aware of the consumer demands and are constantly trying to meet them abidingly. Recognized for quality, durability, effective and safe solutions, our patient-centric approach has never failed us. The PH value, side effects, effectiveness, freshness, and purity are all key elements of screening. DCGI and FSSAI certified approved products covered by us are tablets, capsules, softgels, injections, powders, sachets, etc, which includes:

  • Anti-Alcoholism
  • Anti-Allergic
  • Anti-Arthritic
  • Antibiotics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Antidepressants
  • Antidiabitics
  • Antiemetics & Vertigo
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antimigraine
  • Antiparkinsonian
  • Antiplatelets
  • Antipsychotics
  • Antiulcer Hyperacidity
  • Anxiolytics
  • Cerebral Activators
  • Dermatological
  • NSAID’s
  • OTC Products
  • Supportive medication for COVID-19/Coronavirus
  • Vitamins & Minerals etc.

Associate with the best Third-Party Manufacturer in India: BluePenLaboratories is one of the leading Pharma manufacturing company in India which produces quality products under GMP-WHO integrated manufacturing units. There are numerous associates who are connected with us for manufacturing facilities as we manufacture products based on bulk orders which reduces the cost of production and labour. Promotional materials are provided to medical representatives in every day sales while the main marketing tools provided by the company to the franchisee is free of cost in order to promote the products and enjoy a powerful brand and professional image in the market.

  1. Advanced Equipment- Our manufacturing units are approved by GMP-WHO authorities and are highly advanced and equipped with the latest technologies.
  2. Operational Services- We provide on-time delivery, sales, and, marketing of the product. Third-party provides an opportunity for marketing enhancement with more ideas.
  3. Low Budget business investment- Third-party manufacturing gives you the opportunity to expand your business at low-investments.

Some of the features of our company are: an opportunity for growth in healthcare financing products, demand in the generic market, a rise in outsourcing activities, and, demand for emerging segments.

Documents to be submitted for Pharma manufacturing Services:

  1. Signed and Verified Contract Manufacturing Agreement with Complete Details
  2. Non-resemblance Certificate
  3. Marketing / Corporate office Address
  4. Company profile with signatures from directors or partners documents (Aadhar Card and Pan Card)
  5. Copy of Resolution for Authorized Signatory to Deal
  6. Drug License
  7. Sales Tax/TIN or GST Registration Certificates/ Number
  8. Logo and Brand Values (if)
  9. Tonality and Designs(If)

Third-Party Manufacturing procedure at BluePen:

Procuring, manufacturing, and supplying of products takes upto 40-50 day, however, the days taken might differ depending on the order quantity. This procedure starts only once the deal has been finalized in the following way:

  1. Drug Formulation List approval from the DRUG department: 5-7 days
  2. Printed Packing Material Sourcing like foils, cartons, labels: 10-20 days
  3. Complete Production: 10-15 days
  4. Transit Via Shipment/Courier: 2-7 days.


  • Batch Charges- (Cost of Quality control, consumables, & Local transportation)
  • Cost of packaging material
  • Cost of Product/ Raw Material
  • Manufacturing Charges.
  • Securities/ Transit Insurance
  • Tax (GST is applicable)
  • The in-process loss for RM & PM etc.
  • Transit Insurance
  • CST (applicable as per latest central Govt Exemption Notification)
  • Outward Transportation
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