Third Party Manufacturing Company in West Bengal

Bluepen Laboratories is a renowned third-party manufacturing company in West Bengal. We have a base for producing pharmaceuticals in Dehradun and offer services not just in a few states but across the entire nation. To offer our Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in West Bengal, we are working incredibly hard. We at Bluepen Laboratories are a best-in-class third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer. We produce a wide range of branded pharmaceutical formulations in virtually every form. 


We constantly welcome importers, distributors, and agents who are interested in manufacturing their goods in West Bengal under third party or contract manufacturing to assist us in marketing our goods in their home markets. We uphold quality standards throughout the entire process, including material acquisition, process simplification, planning, testing, and steadiness. As a leading contract/third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer in West Bengal, we have the capacity to manufacture a large number of products. 


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming part of one of the most successful companies in India for a pharma franchise. Dial 9389396250 or email us at 


Bluepen Laboratories | Third Party Manufacturing Company 

We are the owners of the most well-known brand in the pharmaceutical sector. We are the top distributor and maker of high-quality medications at incredibly aggressive pricing thanks to our amazing third-party manufacturing offers. Since the beginning, we have offered our customers and clients only the best franchise services and pharmaceutical products. The company has deliberately put together a team of competent and experienced pharmaceutical specialists for daily operations and R&D activities. Because of our alliances with the best logistical companies and suppliers, we can deliver the highest-quality goods on schedule. 


Benefits Offered by Bluepen Laboratories For Third Party Manufacturing Services

We are attempting to improve communication between our business and its associates. At Bluepen Laboratories, we think that this is the best approach to run a pharmaceutical company so that everyone benefits. In addition, we offer each and every one of our colleagues the greatest Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services. 


  • Highest quality goods guaranteed 
  • Complete support for packaging & trademark selection
  • Each and every time we deliver on time.
  • Excipients and active substances will be included in the cost of the ingredients that we will bill for.
  • Labels, PVC, foil, cartons, shippers, tape, and other packing materials are subject to a levy.
  • Additional costs for manufacture, transportation, and quality control.


Bluepen Laboratories: Why Choose Us?

We are a third-party manufacturing company in West Bengal. We are very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the market, and we have first-hand knowledge of how this sector works. Whether you're looking to launch a new business or grow an existing one, Bluepen Laboratories has everything you need. If you're trying to break into the pharmaceutical industry and want to work with a brand you can trust, start your company with us to get the following incredible benefits: 

  • Guaranteed returns
  • Timely delivery
  • Free advertising resources
  • Struck up cordial business
  • Excellent packing.


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Address: Rock Valley Apartment, Sewla Kalan, Majra, Dehradun, U.K- 248001


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